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At Decking Sunshine Coast, we specialise in beautiful and functional decking. We work with residential and commercial clients in Sunshine Coast and surrounding suburbs to design and build the perfect deck for you.
Our team of experienced designers and builders can help you create a custom deck that reflects your style and budget. All we need is a chat about what you’re looking for or a simple site visit where we can offer solutions that fully suit your needs. When it comes to decks around Sunshine Coast, there’s no one better than Decking Sunshine Coast.

A deck made of timber

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    What is decking, and what are the benefits of having a deck installed in your home?

    Decking refers to constructing and installing decking platforms (surfaces on which people can walk, stand or sit). The most common forms of decking are wood and interlocking steel.
    Decking is a beautiful way to extend the living space in your home, whether you want somewhere for relaxing with friends and family or somewhere that your children can play safely. With such a choice of materials out there, it’s easy to create the perfect outdoor living space.

    What design options do you have?

    We can create an array of designs for your new deck so that it matches the style of your home. Our experienced designers will work closely with you to ensure we get this right and match your taste and needs. No matter what type of design elements you want, Decking Sunshine Coast experts will be able to create it for you. The design possibilities are endless;
    Do you want a deck that is completely covered? We can do that. Are you looking for something with an above ground pool? No problem! Do you like to entertain? Then we’ll make sure there is plenty of space for all your guests.

    Types of Decks from Decking Sunshine Coast

    At Deckling Sunshine Coast, we build different types of decks. We have built structures that are perfect for entertaining. These decks are raised, spacious and some even have outdoor fireplaces attached to them. We can also build dog runs or pergolas, which allow you to create shade on your deck while still enjoying the sun! Some of the decking services include:

    Pool decking

    This is a great way to extend your pool area and have a place for guests or family to relax. You can also have a water feature installed to add a pop of colour and soothing sounds! Pool decks can be made of timber, concrete or easy-care vinyl.


    Pergolas are a great way to provide shade for your deck but allow you still to enjoy the sunshine! All our pergolas can have planter boxes installed so you can put them in hanging baskets and flower pots. Our pergolas are made from treated pine, with powder coating available as an extra option.


    This is the perfect way to finish off your outdoor area. We have many different patio designs, including pavers, rockeries, and brickwork. Pavers give a polished touch, whereas rockery is a more natural-looking finish. Brickwork patios are also nice because they come with raised beds pre-installed, making them ideal for planting flowers, shrubs and small trees.


    Gazebos are perfect if you want added protection from the sun but still want to enjoy the view! Gazebos allow you to create shade by simply rolling up one side of the gazebo. They also provide an extra entertaining space as they are usually surrounded by bench seating for people to sit on.


    Carports are important for protecting your car from extreme heat and rain during the hot summer months. They are also a good place to store tools or outdoor furniture that would otherwise be left outside constantly getting rained on.

    Installation of composite decks

    What are the benefits of installing a deck on my property?

    Having a deck on your block of land is a huge asset as they are an amazing entertainment area to host parties, picnics or simply relax with friends and family. A deck can be decorated in a variety of ways, from using plants, lights and paving, which makes it maintenance free! They also give you the option to have flooring that matches the exterior of your home, meaning they strongly complement external renovations such as painting.
    Decks also add to the value of your property and can increase the floor area of your home.

    A wooden deck

    Taking care of your new decking

    Over time decks can take a beating from the weather like ice, snow, rain and heat, which is why maintenance is key! If you don’t take care of your deck, it won’t take care of you, and the amount of work required to fix it will be a lot more than if taken control over from the very beginning.
    · Having a regular cleaning schedule with your deck is a great way to keep your decking new and to look great for longer. Debris such as leaves, bird droppings, or dirt can all cause damage, so make sure to sweep, hose off or mop any leftover substances regularly. In turn, this prevents water damage which also deteriorates your decking over time.
    · Maintaining your deck every year is vital! To maintain your deck, it’s a good idea to hire a company that specialises in staining/painting wood as they have experience working on decks.

    A wooden pergola

    How to choose the right type of decking for your needs and budget

    When choosing the type of deck that will best suit your family and lifestyle, you should consider:
    · The size of the area – square or rectangular spaces will require different decking to curved areas. Select a material that will work best with your space.
    · Your budget – cheap may sound appealing, but low-quality materials won’t last as long, and they could cause problems when trying to sell your home. Consider all costs involved in maintaining and repairing your decking periodically if necessary before committing to a type of material that is affordable for now but might cost more over time.

    A composite deck

    Materials that can be used for decking

    Different types of materials are used for decking, depending on the look you’re going for and how much upkeep your new deck requires. Composite decking is an excellent choice for coastal regions. This material looks just like real wood but is made from recycled plastic and natural materials, which makes it very low maintenance and easy to clean.
    Timber is also another material that is commonly used for decking and can look fantastic when pressure treated. This material requires regular cleaning and oiling but looks great and is very sturdy.
    Slats made from aluminium or steel mimic the look of timber like composite decks. However, they don’t need as much maintenance as real wood will. The slats are also easy to clean, making them ideal for those who have pets that spend a lot of time decking!
    There are many other types of materials that can be used to deck your home, including stone, brick and concrete. These materials require a little more effort to maintain, but they offer different benefits depending on your personal preferences.

    Common mistakes people make when they install their own decks

    When installing a deck on your property, there are several things to consider, such as the safety of your family and friends. If you do not get a professional to install it, there is a high chance that accidents will occur.
    People typically make these mistakes:
    • The deck is not strong enough – Generally, decks need to be built with pressure-treated wood, made from cedar or redwood, which is weatherproof and insect resistant. A professional certified carpenter should be employed to do this for you.
    • Not considering the weather – Ensure the area where your deck will go is not in an area of shade that blocks sunlight affecting the life of your decking. Also, check your local council permits; some areas may require an asbestos inspection, or may not allow the use of creosote.
    • Not checking for rot – If you are building your deck on an existing structure, make sure it is sound and free from rot. Otherwise, the whole area could collapse.
    • It is built too high – The height of a deck needs to be limited in most cases, according to local council regulations, to avoid accidents and ensure public safety.
    • Lighting not appropriate – When installing lighting, ensure that you purchase the correct fixtures and bulbs for outdoor installation since this can affect how bright they are and avoid fires caused by faulty wiring.

    A staircase made of wood
    A pergola built over a pool
    A wooden deck
    A wooden deck

    Why Choose Us?

    At Decking Sunshine Coast, we have the experience and know-how to get the job done right. We use very specialised machinery to clean, sand, stain, and pressure treat all types of wooden floors. This ensures that your new deck is thoroughly cleaned and free from grime whilst also getting a thorough coat of protective stains.
    We will always advise you on the perfect solution for your porch or outdoor flooring. This advice often extends beyond just colour selection, and we can help you select materials that are best suited to your lifestyle needs in relation to how much exposure it will have.
    Our customer service is second to none. We are very happy in the knowledge that our customers are getting a good service at their convenience, not ours. We pride ourselves on giving great customer service and showing responsibility when dealing with your home or business.


    How much does a deck cost?

    The cost depends on the size, type and number of decks required, but you can get an idea by consulting your local builder for a quotation.

    Are decks difficult to maintain?

     New decks require no maintenance at all, so if you are good with DIY projects, you will have no problems keeping your new deck looking nice and ready for use.

    What is the average time it takes for a deck to dry?

    It may take between 1 and 2 weeks, depending on the conditions and weather. Good ventilation reduces this period greatly, so it will be ready much faster than expected if you can ensure that your new deck gets sufficient light and air circulation.

    How can I colour protect my wood outdoor flooring?

    Colouring wooden floors is best done with solutions specially designed to deal with such tasks. You can consult a builder or even some DIY instructional videos you find online in order to perfect this process.

    Can I install them myself?

    This is possible only if the customer has significant experience with building processes. If not, it would be better to consult a professional specialising in installing decks since they will know what to do and how to do it.

    How much time will your new deck save you?

    Decking means no more scrubbing the patio or fighting the grass and weeds in your yard, let us take care of this hassle so that just enjoying your outdoor space becomes routine again! Decking Sunshine Coast experts can create a plan that matches any budget and frees up your weekends!


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