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Pergolas Sunshine Coast

At Decking Sunshine Coast, we are a renowned brand providing the highest quality decking services for many years. We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch results, ensuring that our customers are satisfied with their porch or pergola before we leave your home. If you’re looking to increase your living space, turn to us at Decking Sunshine Coast to enhance your home with a covered outdoor area.
We will work closely with all of our customers so that they can create something truly special and unique within their outdoor areas. Whether you would like an opening/screened gazebo or solid roof patio cover, we have built up an impressive portfolio through the years that are sure to inspire you.
Contact us today if you want to know more about how our company can help improve your outdoor area.


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    What is a pergola, and what are its benefits

    A pergola is an outdoor structure that is typically made from steel or timber and designed to provide shade for gardens, patios or decks. Pergolas are usually built over a walkway, pool, bench or other hardscaped areas.
    A pergola can offer a whole new dimension to your outdoor living space by providing shade and interest year-round. Pergolas can be custom designed with different roof styles and colours that will complement the style of a home, while a variety of post caps and finials will add decorative flair to the structure.
    Pergolas come in all shapes and sizes ranging from small, single-level structures to larger three-story designs with multiple tiers. A pergola will attach easily to an existing deck making installation quick and easy.

    A metal pergola

    How to choose the right pergola for your home

    When choosing a pergola to attach to an existing deck, first measure the width of your deck, as it will dictate how long the pergola can be. A rule of thumb is that a pergola should be at least 50 per cent wider than the deck it attaches to. Also, make sure you allow enough room for people to walk around and through it comfortably, as well as benches if you want a place to sit and relax on a warm summer evening.
    Decide what style of roof would work best on your home before going shopping. If privacy is important, consider one with slats across the top that block line-of-sight into your yard if you plan on using this area for entertaining or dining al fresco. This also provides shade from the sun.

    A wooden pergola near a pool

    The best materials for your pergola

    Pergolas can be made using different materials, but metal and timber are the most common. When constructing a pergola for your home, commercial use or public parks, you’ll want to keep your pergola looking great with minimal effort. Using materials such as aluminium is quite popular due to its lightweight yet durable properties, which prevent rusting and corrosion. It’s also less likely to blow over in high winds compared to wooden structures.

    A open wooden pergola

    How to maintain your pergola, so it lasts for years.

    The maintenance of a pergola is not that much different to maintaining any other covered area of the home. Painting is required about once every three years, depending on environmental factors such as heat and humidity. It’s imperative to use a high-quality exterior primer before painting with an exterior paint colour so it can last longer than one season in harsh climates.

    Why Choose Us?

    Decking Sunshine Coast is a trusted brand when it comes to transforming your outdoor living space. We deliver elegant pergolas for homes and commercial properties to help create an inviting environment no matter where you live or work. Our replacement pergola kits are custom-made to fit seamlessly over existing structures, which means you won’t need any structural work done on your home before installation. With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, we can ensure that your new pergola will look great for years to come.
    Our workers have the expertise needed to make your backyard dreams come true. We can help you bring the sunshine indoors by making any part of your yard into an extension of your home from pergola installation, decking, and outdoor entertainment areas. We use only premium materials to ensure that all products are durable and aesthetically pleasing.
    So if you have been looking for a professional pergola builder Sunshine Coast has to offer, look no further than the team at Decking Sunshine Coast.


      Newcastle Solar Power Google Reviews and Trust Badge

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