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At Decking Sunshine Coast, we have been designing and building custom made carports for over 15 years. We have a wealth of experience in the industry, which allows us to create great-looking, long-lasting carports from the best materials available.
Carports by Decking Sunshine Coast are high quality, weatherproof structures that will keep your vehicles warm and dry all year round. They are ideal for installing alongside blocks of units or offices as they can be attached directly to the buildings themselves with no maintenance needed.
Decking Sunshine Coast only uses the finest materials for our Carports designs; this results in durable, rust-free designs that you will be proud to show off.


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    Different types of carports

    There are different types of carports available on the market today, each with its own pros and cons. Here’s a brief guide to the most common types:

    • Regular – These are your standard, run-of-the-mill carport. They vary in design and size, and can be built to suit almost any situation. The main advantage is that they offer protection from extreme weather conditions like strong winds and heavy rain and vandalism and theft – particularly useful if you live in an area where such crimes are common.

    • Enclosed – If you want full protection for your vehicle (and perhaps even against the elements), enclosed carports may be for you. While they tend to be more expensive than regular carports, they do offer increased protection.

    The benefits of having a carport

    Having a carport is a smart idea for so many reasons:
    1. Protect your vehicle and belongings from the elements and the harsh UV rays of the sun
    2. Ensure that it is safe and secure so you can rest easy at night
    3. Extend its lifespan and maintain its resale value by protecting it from temperature, humidity, and rainfall extremes.
    The Decking Sunshine Coast team specialises in delivering solutions tailored to suit your needs; we take pride in our workmanship and guarantee great results. If you want more information about how we can help you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

    An open carport

    How to choose the right carport for your needs

    When deciding on the kind of carport you need, it is important to think about your specific needs and the time and effort you are willing to put in. Some carports can be installed quickly and easily, while others require a bit more work – or even professional help. Either way, make sure that you sort out what kind of carport will best suit your property before making a purchase.
    In terms of size, consider whether you want enough space for one vehicle only, two cars alongside each other (vertically) or two vehicles next to each other side by side. And speaking of sides – if aesthetics is important to you, try to choose a carport with a design that complements the rest of your property – this includes colour, shape, and material used.

    A metal carport

    Maintenance and cleaning tips

    The maintenance of a carport depends on the material used and whether or not yours has a roof. Generally, carports made from untreated timber will require regular cleaning and painting to ensure they last longer, while metal ones should be regularly cleaned with soap and water mixed with baking soda. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions for specific maintenance advice.
    Maintenance considerations don’t just include what you can do yourself – think about any other motorists who might share your driveway or garage space, such as neighbours and friends. If you often park more than one vehicle next to your carport, make sure it’s long enough to cater for both of them – especially if they’re larger cars like SUVs or 4WDs!

    A commercial carport

    Materials used in constructing a carport

    Carports can be made from a wide range of materials, and the choice should be based on what’s available in your area and your budget.
    Aluminium alloy is strong and lightweight, while steel sheeting is fairly cheap but needs regular repainting, especially if it’s exposed to salty sea air or becomes rusty. Timber requires ongoing maintenance such as sanding, staining and waterproofing.
    Steel framed carports can hold up to 300 kgs per square metre while timber ones cope with about half that weight. Check the manufacturer’s specifications for information on other types of material, or if you’re not sure, ask a specialist dealer for details before making a purchase decision.

    Why Choose Us?

    At Decking Sunshine Coast, we prioritise the needs of our customers. Our workers are constantly supervised to deliver a top-notch, superbly designed and constructed outdoor area. The Decking Sunshine Coast guarantee their work because we care about the quality of our service.

    With many years of experience in construction, you can rest easy knowing that your project will be completed within a fixed time frame and budget.

    Decking Sunshine Coast offers a wide range of services for both commercial and domestic properties – from outdoor decks, pool surrounds, driveways to pergolas. We’re fully licensed & insured, so you have peace of mind when choosing us as your partner for all things related to external structures.


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