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Timber Decking Sunshine Coast

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At Decking Sunshine Coast, we ensure that your outdoor area is a place to spend quality time, whether it is entertaining guests or just relaxing. We have a range of timber decking options that are sure to transform your outdoor area into an entertainment paradise. With the right choice of timber decking boards, you could give your backyard an amazing outdoor makeover at competitive prices.
We use only the finest treated pine for our decks because we know how important it is to get value for your money when your outdoor areas are transformed by installing new decks. Our service also includes professional building and fitting, ensuring that all work is completed promptly and with minimal disruptions to day-to-day activities. Decking Sunshine Coast offers free quotes without obligation, so come in and see us today!


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    Choosing the right timber or your deck

    When choosing the right timber for your deck, you need to take into consideration factors such as cost, ease of maintenance and the local environment. At Decking Sunshine Coast, our range of pressure-treated pine is perfect for most situations because it has been injected with a chemical solution that protects it against rot, fungi and termites.
    Everyday use means decks are exposed to dirt, water and weather damage, so they require regular cleaning, which can be time-consuming. The type of timber chosen for your deck is important because it will determine how easy or hard the surface will be to clean. For example, hardwoods are naturally oily, so they repel liquids, whereas softwoods have open pores that attract dirt particles over time.

    Wooden floor

    Why is timber decking a good choice?

    Timber decking is a flexible, versatile and long-lasting choice that provides you with plenty of design possibilities. You’ll be able to work with us to create something truly unique for your outdoor entertainment area, fitting it comfortably into the existing features in your garden.
    It also creates an excellent surface for entertaining guests while protecting the environment at the same time. Our decks are built from eco-friendly sustainable plantation softwood, recycled after use and processed without chemicals, so they won’t harm the local ecosystem. You and your family can enjoy them safe in the knowledge that they’re green too!

    A wooden patio

    Maintenance and cleaning of timber decks

    Cleaning of timber decks is more of a regular maintenance procedure than a one-off clean, but it’s also more thorough. A good deck cleaner should remove all kinds of dirt and grime from the wood as well as lift out any stains or oils that may have been dropped on the surface over time.
    A pressure washer is usually used for this type of cleaning because it can generate more power at a greater distance, so you don’t have to get up close and personal with the dirty decking. This means you’re less likely to damage your softwood planks which will be softer than oak or pine decking, even if they are treated with a protective sealant.

    Installation of timber decks

    Why you need a professional deck builder to build your deck

    It is important that you use a professional deck builder when planning and building your timber deck. This is because there are so many factors to consider with the design, engineering, and construction of decks that unless you have experience in these or similar activities, it is very easy to get it wrong and not realise the consequences until later.
    This may lead to:
    i) damage to other parts of your house e.g. walls & ceilings; ii) injury from deck collapsing – something that I have seen happen on several occasions; iii) legal liability should someone be injured having fallen from the deck either because the steps weren’t installed correctly or because they collapsed under the weight; iv) inconvenience caused by having to rebuild part or all of your structure again at further personal

    Why Choose Us?

    Decking Sunshine Coast is a trusted brand with many years of experience in the industry. We aim to provide our customers with an excellent product at affordable prices, which is why we offer free quotes and stand behind our work with a 12-month guarantee on all installations.
    Our professional team use tried and tested techniques to create beautiful timber decks which feel like extensions of your indoor living space. With features like pergolas, patios, ramps and carports available as part of any decking package, you can be sure that whatever your needs are we have everything covered!


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