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Patios Sunshine Coast

What is a patio, and what are the benefits of having a patio?

A patio is a great addition to any home, especially if you enjoy spending time outdoors. A patio adds value to your property. It can be used as an entertaining area or just for relaxing in the sunshine.
Patios are usually built with concrete slabs, but nowadays, they are becoming very popular because of all the styles and colours, like coloured pavers. Patio pavers make it possible for anyone at any age to design their own backyard using only imagination and creativity without having to kneel down on hard surfaces or create a mess by laying cement yourself.


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    How much does it cost to install a patio?

    The cost of installing a patio will depend on the materials you choose. The estimated cost of concrete slabs is about $8 per square foot, while the estimated cost of patio pavers ranges from $10 to more than $20 per square foot. A small patio with 100 square feet will only cost up to $800 for concrete slabs, but would cost between $1,600 and upwards to install if you use pavers.

    Concrete patio

    Materials used to make patios.

    There are many choices of patio materials available today that include stone patios,  bricks laid in sand mortar, interlocking patio tiles (also known as modular tiles), water jet cut stone tiles and painted concrete. Each material provides a different feature to your patio or decking area for you to choose from.
    Stone patios are the most popular choice because of their durability, style and low maintenance costs. Water jet cut stone tiles have been steadily gaining popularity due to their beauty and ease of installation since they do not require any mortar, so anyone can lay them. Interlocking pavers can be used as a patio surface but can also be installed as a stepping-stone path going from one point in the yard to another without extra work required for pathway preparation. Brick pavers are more expensive than other materials, but many people still prefer them because of their timeless design, durability and resistance against weather elements like rain.

    A wooden patio

    Choosing the right contractor to install your patio

    When choosing the right contractor to install your brick paver patio, you need to get quotes from different contractors. Compare the quotes and get references from previous clients who have had pavers installed by that company or contractor. You should also get an idea of how long the installation process will take so that you can plan for this expense in your budget.
    Before you call in a contractor to install your brick paver patio, there are some things that you need to consider. Firstly, understand the difference between stamped and unsanded pavers. Stamped pavers have lines imprinted on them, whereas unsanded pavers require sand to be put in between each block for stability.

    Brick patio

    How to maintain your patio

    Maintenance of patios is the key to prolonging their life and ensuring they will look great even after years of use. You should apply sealers, cleaners or other compounds on a regular basis, depending on what type of material your patio is made from. For example, you can use water-based sealers for concrete or brick pavers, but solvent-based ones are recommended for wooden patios because they dry quickly and penetrate deep into the wood cells. There are also special patio cleaners that you can purchase at any home improvement store that will help remove dirt and debris from all types of surfaces, including stucco or pavers. Also, do not forget to inspect your surface regularly to spot any damage caused by weeds coming between interlocking pavers early.

    Why Choose Us?

    At Decking Sunshine Coast, we have the expertise and experience required to ensure that you get the very best for your patio project. Decking Sunshine Coast has been around for many years, and we have helped over 1000+ customers with their projects through online quotes, quality advice and professional service.
    We ensure that we use the highest quality of materials for all of our projects while offering the lowest possible pricing to all customers. We understand that you have a choice when it comes to choosing decking companies, and we want to make sure you make a great one by going with us.
    Once you contact us, we’ll be able to provide you with a free quote for the project at hand. We constantly strive to provide the highest level of customer service possible.


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