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Decking Sunshine Coast – Add Value and Beauty to Your Home

The leading experts in decking in the Sunshine Coast region

Decking Sunshine Coast is the perfect solution for your outdoor entertainment area!

Our decking is made of high-quality materials, ensuring you can enjoy it for years to come. It’s also easy to maintain, so you won’t have to worry about spending much time on upkeep.

With Decking Sunshine Coast, you can create the perfect outdoor oasis for yourself and your loved ones. We have the perfect decks Sunshine coast for you, whether you want to relax in the sun or entertain guests.

Contact us at (07) 5315 8346 today for a free consultation! We would be happy to help you create your dream deck.

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What decking options are available on the Sunshine Coast 

Decking is a great way to add value and beauty to any home. We provide a wide range of decking options, from natural timber to composite materials, so you can find the best one for your needs.

Timber decking: This option is the most popular on the Sunshine Coast. It’s known for its durability, beauty and quality. Choose from various timber species such as Australian hardwood, Ironbark, Spotted Gum and Merbau.

Composite decking: Composite decking is made from recycled materials and provides an environmentally friendly option for decking. It’s also known for its low maintenance characteristics, making it a great choice for those who don’t want to spend time on upkeep.

Choose from our selection of modern and traditional designs as well as a variety of colour choices. We can also do deck repairs Sunshine Coast.

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The benefits of decking your home 

Decking offers many benefits that Sunshine Coast residents can tap into such as;

• Increased value: Adding a deck to your home can add up to 10% more value to your property.

• Outdoor entertaining area: Having a decking in your home provides you with an outdoor space for family and friends to gather and relax.

• More usable space: A deck expands the amount of usable space in and around your home.

• Natural beauty: Decking adds a natural, elegant, timeless look to any outdoor space.

How to choose the right decking for your home 

The following factors will determine the right decking option for you;

• Budget: Decking can range from low to high cost, so it is important to decide on a budget before choosing your decking.

• Material: Various materials are available for deckings such as timber and composite material. Consider the maintenance required for each type of material before deciding which one is best for you.

• Style: Choose a style that best suits your home and lifestyle.

• Climate: Different materials are better suited to different climates, so make sure to choose materials for decking that will stand up well in the local climate.

• Safety: Make sure to select decking that meets all safety standards and is easy to maintain.

The cost of decking a home on the Sunshine Coast 

Decking is a relatively affordable home improvement option and can add significant value to your home.

The cost of decking a home on the Sunshine Coast depends on the materials used, the size of the decking and other factors such as location.

Installation tips and tricks

The following tips help in the installation of your decking;

• Preparation: Make sure to prepare the area for decking properly and ensure that it is level.

• Fasteners: Use appropriate fasteners for decking in order to create a secure connection between the joists and beams.

• Weatherproofing: Decking materials are best suited when they are weatherproofed and sealed accordingly.

• Finishing: Choose an appropriate sealant and finish for your decking to ensure it looks amazing and will last for years.

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Why choose us?

If you are looking for a professional and high-quality decking service, be sure to call Decking Sunshine Coast. Our team of experts can help you choose the perfect decking material and design for your home or business. We guarantee that you’ll be happy with our workmanship and customer service. Contact us today to get started on your new deck!

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